Catastrophes: Follower of Failed Apocalyptic Vision

A little late in the day to post, but trying to actually consistently blog for once.  Waiting on a ride to a game at the moment.

So, Catastrophes are obligatory character choices that involve rolling on tables like the one below.  I have a decent start for all of them. I'm looking for critiques or brilliance that's evaded me before I put them onto their final dice tables, arranging odds of about the same chance for good and ill on the different catastrophes.

Without further ado, here is what you could get as a

1.       You have no starting cash, only the basic equipment of your background and class, and nothing else but disillusionment.  You are currently begging for work to pay for food and lodging.
2.       Wise from your experience, you have advantage in your intelligence (investigation) checks to discern illusions.
3.       You have starting cash, but are missing the 2nd most expensive item of your starting equipment from your background and class.
4.       Your cult leader required everyone to be marked with a visible distinctive tattoo.  You’re now embarrassed by this tattoo and suffer poor reactions because of it (-2 to charisma checks).  You must succeed on a DC10 persuasion check to convince any Witch Hunter you meet that you are not a heretic.  This tattoo can be removed if you complete a pilgrimage, gaining you XXX Exp.
5.       You have low self-esteem due to your monumental misread of the world and the cult leader you trusted.  You have -2 on charisma checks until you gain 3 Renown in any faction gaining you XXX Exp and respect yourself more. Making it to level 4 will also erase your self-doubt, but without consolation Exp.
6.       You gain an enemy because you (ended/started) a romance you regret because you thought the world was ending.
7.       You gain an enemy because you stole something because you thought the world was ending.
8.       Roll on the Heretic table because you defiled something sacred because you thought the world was ending.
9.       You are feared (nonsensically) as a harbinger of the apocalypse – the real one this time.  You have +2 to intimidation but a -2 to persuasion dealing with any follower of the Church of the Sun.
10.    Due to your familiarity with THE END being NIGH, once per long rest you may cast the Spell Speak with Dead.  However, afterwards you are haunted by them; for each Long Rest after which you used this ability, you must make a Charisma save vs DC 13 or lose the benefit of that Long Rest until your Charisma save exceeds 20.
11.    You sometimes have premonitions.  Every Long Rest roll 1d10.  On a 1, you may roll 1d20 and before your next Long Rest use that roll for any 1d20 roll you make or any 1d20 roll that targets you.  You must declare this substitution before the original roll is made.
12.    You have advantage on Insight checks to discern deception.  Your suspicious nature hampers you for disadvantage on Deception checks you make. 
13.    You are still prone to falling under the spell of hysteria.  You are at disadvantage to saves vs hysteric manifestation (such as dancing hysteria).

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