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Megadungeon MacGuffins

I suppose it's a commentary on my work ethic, but I'm finally working in earnest on the megadungeon that I threatened back in this post.  The overall setting of the campaign was described (at my usual pace) here.  Because I suck at making pretty maps, I'm just using Warhammer's campaign setting as a map.  Middenheim is the city that the dungeon is beneath.

Part of the creation of the megadungeon will be MacGuffins, and that's the focus of this post.  MacGuffins drive dungeon exploration, but a megadungeon should have many to keep driving exploration.  You can find one, but there will always be more.  Also, like any MacGuffin, they'll drive intrigue in and out of the dungeon as well.  The stereotypical MacGuffin doesn't have much use on its own.  Player characters can trade any of these MacGuffins for gold (and I'm using gold for EXP) but some of these MacGuffins will have tempting uses on their own.  Whenever I need a new hook for the megadungeon, I jus…