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Not +1 Swords

Ok, so I've noted that I don't want players to treat magical items as fungible bonuses. I'd like each item to be treated as a unique, individual item with a story. After all, it takes a spell caster of significant power an equally significant amount of resources to create permanent magic. Such items shouldn't be treated like something from the dollar store.

To help with this, I did make some tables to assist in brain-storming the story of the item. However, that's just fluff and isn't immediately useful to the players. Fine for me as the DM, but the game isn't about me and my little stories, it is about the player's actions and the story they make. My role is to give them something to work with. So I've tried to add small but interesting powers that fit with the item's context.

This post is also in response to Bat's request that I post some items with history as we discussed in his post of the spell "Decipher History."

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Not Another +1 Sword

Magical Items: Not Another +1 Sword

As campaigns advance, a common complaint is that magical items become 'less magical'. Another +1 sword would just be another item in the fighter's golf caddy. I've written before about ways to make each item unique based on its origin. I still try to use those ideas, but I think I should consider the level of the maker of the item as well. This should result in more potions and scrolls of varying types being found, and permanent magical items being rarer and more treasured.

Another aspect of single use items is that they reward smart play. A permanent magical item is always on and available regardless of whether the character is informed and aware of the challenge. But because single use items require an action to use, the characters that play D&D like it is a game of exploration instead of a series of inter-connected tactical combats will be prepared and able to make the choice to use their potions and scrolls.

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Pics of "Our Gang"

Howdy. It's been our custom for awhile to go out for dinner and drinks on birthdays. D makes a cake and we get festive (though not everyone drinks) before gaming that evening.
We really do have a large community of players, with 6-9 plus DM on any given weekend.

Here are some from my birthday. Two of the guys below are occasional posters on Dragonsfoot:

Next up is me, myself and the fried shrimp head everyone insisted I eat. My own fault, I did pick a sushi restaurant for my birthday.

The gang - most of it. All but three are current players. Two plan on returning in summer. We have a couple of others who could not make this outing.

The cake that D made for me (D is there behind.) We're just getting set up for the evening at S's new apartment. She wasn't done moving in, but decided to host anyway. This is the evening they finally defeated the Sinister Shroom! But first, CAKE!