Pics of "Our Gang"

Howdy. It's been our custom for awhile to go out for dinner and drinks on birthdays. D makes a cake and we get festive (though not everyone drinks) before gaming that evening.
We really do have a large community of players, with 6-9 plus DM on any given weekend.

Here are some from my birthday. Two of the guys below are occasional posters on Dragonsfoot:

Next up is me, myself and the fried shrimp head everyone insisted I eat. My own fault, I did pick a sushi restaurant for my birthday.

The gang - most of it. All but three are current players. Two plan on returning in summer. We have a couple of others who could not make this outing.

The cake that D made for me (D is there behind.) We're just getting set up for the evening at S's new apartment. She wasn't done moving in, but decided to host anyway. This is the evening they finally defeated the Sinister Shroom! But first, CAKE!

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