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Post DMing Hangover: worth it.

Wow, I'm hung over. I have a blog?
I should say I'm hung over as much from DMing for 10 hours yesterday. Not even a pizza break – our host made some soup when the party went back to town to rest and heal but I was “behind the screen” and interacting with players the whole time.
So while I did indeed consume most of a growler (1/2 gallon) of a potent IPA myself over those 10 hours, it's as much the post DMing adrenaline exhaustion as anything else.  The session was the latest in our co-DMed, many playered (10+), party-varied (according to who shows) Castles and Crusades campaign.
A lot of things came together yesterday. The party encountered a wide range of challenges and environments, from the exceedingly mundane (an outhouse) to the fantastical (stone melding faeries, magic eating moths). They began to grok the size and scope of the megadungeon and its myriad mysteries. For the second expedition of the day (and what DM doesn't like to hear the players ask eac…