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House Rules Doc

Whoa-kay.  Lots going on that I could write posts about if I was organized and people wanted to know.  Using personal add sites to fill up slots on your campaign?  It actually has better results than MeetUp and other game finder sites.
Or the whole process of stealing, writing, negotiating a set of house rules with my co-DM.

It still isn't complete, but the current Table of Contents is this:

Sources we've stolen from:
ACKSRuneQuest CitiesDnD 3.5 PHB IIRoles, Rules BlogLamentations of the Flame PrincessSome dude I read on a forumAnother dude I read on their blog
It's still being edited but I'll make it public once I've got better attributions.

Encumbrance on the Group Loot Sheet

If I'm stealing someone's idea with this post, please let me know.  Recalling the alcohol-ridden haze of my last BS session with my co-DM, I no longer know whether I said "I've got this great idea" or "Let's swipe some OSR-blogger person's idea".

We're going to use Lamentations-style encumbrance straight on the sheet where loot gets recorded.
(click to embiggen.) (Here's the PDF)
There's supposed to be this great mini-game in OSR rules, the trade off of choices between how much equipment you bring in, how much loot you take out, and how fast you go on those activities risking wandering monsters and pursuit.  But most of us (feel free to beat your chest about how you count each copper piece and scrap of orc leather) haven't played that game.  Enter the Lamentations of the Flame Princess encumbrance system, stone equivalent encumbrance, and other simplifying encumbrance schemes.

Lamentations style encumbrance is great as it simplifi…