The Bogus Boo

The bogus boo is a creature who
comes out at night, and why?
He likes the air, he likes to scare
the nervous passer-by!

He has two wings - pathetic things -
with which he cannot fly.
His tusks are fierce, yet could not pierce
the softest butterfly.

He has two ears , but what he hears
is very faint and small.
And with his claws on his four paws
he cannot scratch at all.

He looks too wise with his owl eyes,
his aspects grim and ghoulish.
But truth to tell, he sees not well
and is distinctly foolish.

The bogus boo - what can he do,
but huffle in the dark?
So don't take fright: he has no bite,
and very little bark!

by James Reeves

Frequency: Rare
No. Appearing: 1, possibly 2 (mated pair)
Armor Class: 8 (1E) 12 (C&C)
Move: 20"
Hit Dice: 2
% in Lair: 50 %
Treasure Type: See below
No. of Attacks: 2
Damage/Attack: 1-2
Special Attacks: Surprise, Fright, Mistaken Identity
Special Defenses: Dark Vision
Magic Resistance: Standard
Intelligence: Low
Saves: P (C&C)
Alignment: Neutral
Size: L (12' long)
Type: Magical Beast
Experience: 50 + 3/hp

(Forgive the amalgamated Castles and Crusades and 1E stat block. Use what you use, ignore the rest.)

The Bogus Boo is the quintessential wizard's failed experiment that has managed to survive. Perhaps the whimsy of the wizard, or the inscrutable joys of some power of fey or chaos fostered it. Bogus Boos acquire some treasure or food through items lost when it frightens those that it encounters on its nocturnal sojourns - mostly hand held items. Long lived Bogus Boos have collections of lanterns, torches, walking staffs and swords. Otherwise, Bogus Boos survive by feeding upon carrion if they have not been adopted as a pet.

Surprise: If sneaking at night, Bogus Boos surprise on 2-6. Otherwise, Bogus Boos themselves are almost always surprised themselves.(1E) Boos Move Silently and Hide in Shadows as 5th level rogues. (C&C)

Mistaken Identity: Bogus Boos are often mistaken for wyverns, or some other mythical winged, clawed beast - even a dragon. The weakness of their claws, tusks and wings are not apparent at first glance.

Fright: Save vs magic (1E, arcane magic C&C) or drop held items and flee in panic like the aura of a dragon.

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