Catastrophe: Famine Survivor

Today's Catastrophe.  Catastrophes are obligatory character choices that involve rolling on tables like the one below.  I'm looking for critiques or brilliance that's evaded me before I put them onto their final dice tables, arranging odds of about the same chance for good and ill on the different catastrophes.

Here is what you could get as a

1.      Haunted by memories of cannibalism.  Make a DC 10 charisma check to benefit from a short rest due to a memory of a different meal.
2.      You must always have twice the amount of rations expected for a trip (ie, twice the average of any group you are with, minimum 3 days) when you pack.
3.      Must eat double rations on any rest, pay twice food costs at any stop.
4.      If food is used as an incentive or to tempt you, you are at a disadvantage on any ability check or saving throw.
5.      An enemy stole food from you.  If you avenge or seek accommodation from your enemy, you get XXX exp.
6.      You have an enemy that knows you stole food from them.
7.      You are an accused cannibal.  If you are not successfully disguised, anyone from Locale: ZZZZ could recognize you or your name.
8.      You can go twice as long as anyone else without food.
9.      You learned to eat what others could not: +2 saves vs poison.
10.   -1 constitution.  You regain this if you complete a pilgrimage, gaining you XXX Exp. 

How would you feel as a player, rolling on this chart?  After a few edits and ideas, the different catastrophes will be relatively balanced for about the same chance of bad, good and neutral results on each.

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