Spomenik: Inspirational Images

First, check this out as an inspirational image for your next hex crawl location:

(Click to embiggen of course)

For all the coolness that this is, I would be remiss in not informing you that it is one of many monuments to World War II veterans erected in what was then Yugoslavia under a program by Marshal Tito. There is a website devoted to those veterans.

Now for another image:

You can find more by a google image search

I could go on about their abstract majesty and how their neglect adds to their appeal and mystery, but a random table would be more useful, don't you think? Here's one for you to riff off of for the "purpose" of your spomenik.

Roll d20
  1. Temple of Tharizdun (or a local equivalent if you prefer.) Is it active? Abandoned? Waiting for the PCs to be sacrificed?
  2. Confluence of ley lines. Use another table for how magic is f'd with here.
  3. Portal to another plane. I'm sure there's a table for random planes somewhere.
  4. Another entrance to your megadungeon. If you don't have one, now you can.
  5. It is sentient.
  6. It is the local appearance of the Sphinx.
  7. Another wizard's tower.
  8. Home to a deity. Go get Judges Guild's "Unknown Gods." Or J. Mal's Petty Gods
  9. Home to a Deck of Many Things.
  10. Home to the Maid, Mother and Crone.
  11. A brain transference station left by the Elder Ones.
  12. Landing site for the Githyanki invasion. If the PCs press the red button, they unwittingly have reopened the locked passage.
  13. Holy site for the Gathering of the Tribes. Which tribes? You want me to do your job for you?
  14. Death is waiting here to play chess with you.
  15. Prison for the vice (1d8: 1 Lust 2 Gluttony 3 Greed 4 Sloth 5 Acedia (irreverence to your deity) 6 Wrath 7 Envy 8 Pride). All within the influence of the monument must save or become possessed by the vice.
  16. An alchemical mechanism for turning base substances into gold. It's location and possession is highly coveted by many powerful sorcerers.
  17. Home to an artifact and its guardian.
  18. A wolf in sheep's clothing. A mimic basically. It uses its appearance to attract PCs and eat their magic items.
  19. A Tomb. Is it the Tomb of Horrors, or another?
  20. A monument to war dead.

For reading through all those, you get another picture:

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